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Senior Success Program

Senior Success Program

At Gloucester High School we are serious about giving our senior students the best possible opportunities for their futures. We believe that productive partnerships between students, staff and parents are fundamental to the success of senior students both in terms of HSC outcomes and increased capacity to be confident, creative and informed citizens.

Our Senior Success Program includes:

  • Study Skills Programs
  • Senior Mentoring Program
  • Personal Interviews
  • Senior Study Space
  • Senior Curriculum Structures
  • Ongoing Performance Assessment Log (OPAL)

Study Skills Programs


At Gloucester High School, we have high expectations of our senior students. We stress that a student's senior years should be primarily focussed on obtaining the best possible HSC results, whether they are considering University, further TAFE study or a position in the workforce. Our Study Skills Program is designed to provide students and parents with the skills to develop an efficient and effective study plan, and to stick with it. Regular monitoring of student progress takes place so that students not meeting requirements are counselled and supported to improve. Our "Forty Hour Week" maintenance model (27 hours at school + 13 hours at home) provides students and parents with a clear understanding of what is needed to be competitive. Planned parent and student workshops provide an interactive structure designed to allow stakeholders to plan collaboratively for ongoing success.

Senior Mentoring Program


Each year, the teachers of our Year 12 students are asked to volunteer their time to assist individual students with preparation, organisation, motivation and perseverance. Each year, we have a large number of staff who "put their hand up" to assist students. This is a great indicator of the professionalism and dedication of Gloucester High School staff. According to many past students, the Senior Mentoring Program provides many layers of support throughout a tough and often stressful year.

Personal interviews


Because we take students' aspirations seriously, we have established a program of interviews with senior students designed to check subject choices, reinforce study techniques, and discuss options for pathways beyond school. We are proud of this "personal touch", supported by the skills and experience of our Careers Adviser, Year Adviser, Head Teachers and Senior Executive staff. These interviews usually occur during Terms 1 and 2, although students are encouraged to "touch base" as often as needed with the staff involved.

Senior Study Space


The provision for senior students of a dedicated Senior Study aims to:

- increase opportunities for all senior students to study and prepare for all aspects of their education

- improve results for senior students in all school based tasks, but especially their HSC

- provide a formal setting for all seniors to engage with teacher mentors and other classroom teachers outside the classroom.

Senior Curriculum Structures

Aims:   Although Gloucester High School is a small school, we believe in maintaining a broad, challenging and personalised curriculum for all senior students. Pathways for students to transition to University, TAFE, further vocational training or the workforce are ensured and enhanced by carefully considered curriculum structures. Qualified and experienced senior teachers provide expert tuition. Small classes and individualised approaches to learning form the basis of student/teacher partnerships that are designed to tailor learning to the aspirations of students. Students receive full face-to-face teaching in all their subjects.

Ongoing Performance Appraisal Log (OPAL)

Aims:   OPAL is a scheme in which each Year 11 and 12 student is assessed by his or her teachers each month. Those students who maintain acceptable standards of participation and completion, are rewarded within our existing Merit Scheme. The incentive to maintain, and improve upon, a healthy OPAL average is further motivation for most students. For students whose effort and completion rates are causing concern, the OPAL system provides for interviews with the Principal, Head Teachers and Year Advisers (and, ultimately, parents and carers) designed to support a change in this behaviour and assist students to re-build their momentum. Further details of the OPAL scheme are available on the school website.

OPAL Letter to Parents (pdf 293 KB)

OPAL Student Procedures (pdf 254 KB)