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Student BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) program

We commenced a BYOD program in 2021 with Years 7, 11 and 12.  It has been very successful and over 80% of students in these years ‘Bring Their Own’.  Following its success, the plan is for the program to continually phase each scholastic year to BYOD.

Although all students are encouraged to bring their own devices to school for use in class now, the final phased BYOD approach will be completed by 2023.  


We are committed to continuing to move students and staff forward in a contemporary learning environment. We will be continuing the journey we began in 2020 when COVID plunged us into remote learning by introducing a BYOD program.  The school plan is to transition to better use of technology and incorporate technology into our classrooms, with a target over the next few years of a device for each and every student. 

BYOD does not mean students will be on devices 100% of the time, but that teachers can incorporate learning that can increase fun and student engagement.  This could be utilising digital textbooks (i.e. math) which are then available at home, using apps or perhaps the Internet to research.  Technology can also allow students to work at different levels in the same class.  There are many possibilities, and we want to equip our students, as they will use technology in their professional lives.