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Purchasing a BYOD device

We recognise that researching the many devices that are available can be difficult, so to assist parents with this GHS has partnered with HP to get good pricing and support for student purchased laptops. We have selected laptops that have the right functionality and specifications to see your child through at least 3 years at school.  The advantage of purchasing these laptops is that: 

  • they are very reasonably priced

  • they come with a full 3 years of on-site support. HP can come to you or to the school to fix warranty issues.  Most laptops have a 1-year warranty.

  • you can choose several payment options, including AfterPay or Finance (contact Katrina at HP on 0438 898 814)

  • if you are concerned about your child damaging their device, you can choose (at additional cost) Accidental Damage Insurance.  We suggest that you check any existing Home Contents insurance first as this may cover your child’s laptop, and this may save you money.  

  • you can buy discounted accessories such as cases (around $50), highly recommended as an essential addition to your laptop purchase.  

You may also choose to buy your child’s device from elsewhere.  Please see BYOD – minimum device specifications.


HP BYOD portal access

Click here to access:    (Login code: GloucesterHS)

We currently have 3 - 4 different laptops on our BYOD portal, which meet all our specifications and we recommend for use.

Probook 11

This is the laptop the students will know, as we use them at school.  It is Recommended for all years up to Year 10 (inclusive).  These are Education Edition (EE) laptops and are really rugged and hard to break, which is why we use them at school. If you are concerned about breakage by your child, this is a good choice 

HP Probook 435 (2 - 3 models available)

These models are recommended for more senior students from Year 10 onward (these last a student through Year 10-12 with its 3 year warranty and processing power), but can also be used for younger year levels.  With more processing power they are ideal for digital media or software design students.  Since these are higher powered laptops, you may get more than 3 years out of one.

Free Software – no need to purchase extras

To assist parents with the cost of technology, the Department of Education has a scheme to provide free software to students including Microsoft Office applications (i.e. Word, Excel) and Adobe products (i.e. Photoshop).  

You should not need to purchase any additional software when you purchase a device.  Further details on free software can be found here. Things like virus scanners can also be used for free - Windows 10 has its own built in (Windows Defender), and there are many good ones available for free for personal use.