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BYOD - minimum device specifications

If you are buying a device for your child, you can use the checklist below to guide your decision on which device to bring.  Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you are looking to purchase a device and would like advice if it is suitable.

* Please note that the below are the minimum specifications. Anything above this will mean the device will likely function better for your child and last longer as software updates over time and needs more space and resources.
Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you are looking to purchase a device and would like advice if it is suitable. 

Click here for a printable version to take shopping


  • A 2-in-1 device (this will ‘flip’ to a tablet and allows students to draw/write easily)

  • 64 Bit processor, minimum Intel i3 (Gen 11) or AMD Ryzen 3

  • 16GB RAM recommended (required for Digital Photography students), 8GB absolute minimum

  • Minimum 128GB drive (Solid State Drive (SSD)), 256GB ideal

  • Screen size 11” – 14”

  • Keyboard, for typing (i.e. not a tablet with a screen only)

  • Touchscreen (active pen compatible)

  • Active pen (for drawing/writing in class)

  • USB-C Charging 

  • Ability to connect earphones/headphones.

  • Minimum battery life of 8 hours

  • Lightweight, under 1.5 kg

  • Case for protection in school bag (recommended)

  • Mouse (optional)

  • Warranty: consider how long this is and how long to expect from the laptop you are purchasing. Check what type (i.e. on-site repair or do you need to post it for repair)

  • Highly recommended: Windows 10/11 (NOT S mode) 


  • We recommend strongly you do not purchase a Chromebook, Android Tablet, or an iPad.  We have found that these devices lack the ease of use and integration with other technology in our classrooms.  

  • We request USB-C charging where possible, as these are chargers we have at school, so will be able to assist with charging laptops from time to time. 

  • Please do not provide Internet data (via smart phones or 3G/4G dongles), as GHS provides secure (child safe) Internet at school via the WiFi. 

  • Note that your child receives FREE Microsoft and Adobe software, so there is no extra to purchase other than the computer above.